Black Kinetix Hybrid Breeches

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Introducing the brand new Black KINETIX Hybrid Breeches, a one-of-a-kind creation specifically designed for equestrian athletes.

Our team of riders understands the importance of both comfort and style, and these breeches have been crafted with both in mind.

Tested to the utmost limits to ensure both durability and a vibrant look, these breeches offer the perfect blend of traditional and modern design.

Each panel has been expertly shaped to flatter the female form and made from a lightweight, yet firm fabric that provides full coverage.

Now available in two stunning colours:

  • Show White 
  • True Navy
  • Emerald Green 
  • Black

These breeches feature a range of elegant details, including:

  • A golden zip-side pocket,

  • A second side phone pocket,

  • Light shade navy belt loops,

  • Full seat silicone logo grip,

  • Back decorative pockets with gold detailing,

  • Sculpted lines for a flattering fit,

  • Gold detailing hook-in buttons with anti-slip zipper,

  • Lightweight breathable fabric.

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