For February we interviewed our first competitive Eventer, Paige de Rooy. We were excited to have to opportunity to speak to Paige and get some insight into her riding life and all that it entails.  

We have followed Paige and Silver for a while now. and loved watching how far they have come, from Silver starting her career as a racehorse to excelling as an eventer and open show jumper under Paige's guidance as her rider. The bond they share is truly special.  


1. What disciplines do you compete in?

Eventing 3* & Show Jumping 1.35.


2. Can you share a memorable moment or achievement in your riding career?

Probably coming 3rd in my first 1.35 GP.


3. What qualities do you look for in a successful eventing horse, and how do you develop a strong partnership?

Temperament, confirmation and ridabilty. Eventing isn’t a sport that you can rush up the grades. It takes years of experience and patience with your chosen partner. The best way to strengthen your relationship with your horse for eventing is loads of xc open days, being consistent in your training and putting your dedicated time and money into it. Eventing you can never fast track.


4. How do you prepare both mentally and physically before a competition, and do you have any specific rituals or routines?

I try to “earth” myself before fetching my horse. My routine before my round is to do everything myself eg. Groom, clean tack, wash my horse, tack up ect so I know it’s been done properly and I know exactly what’s going on. I make sure I’ve always had my Red Bull on the go while I drive to the show😂 If I do an eventing show, I make sure I’m regularly running every day so my cardio is correct for the XC. I listen to inspirational music and podcasts so keep me relaxed and I always then feel like I’ve got a plan.


5. In eventing competitions, how do you handle pressure and stay focused in the ring and out in the country?

The dressage is the most fun and stimulating part of the eventing. I love schooling and achieving small things in the flat. So when I get to showcase it I get very excited 😆 XC is always fun but so nerve wracking! I have to walk the course more than 3 times to make sure I’m confident in where I’m going😂😂  Show Jumping is where I can get a bit in my head, so I make sure I watch videos before my round of me jumping a clear or winning a class on my phone to show myself I can actually do it!  The best way I handle pressure is to remind myself how much I trust my horse and that I’ve trained well for the show.


6. What specific training techniques or exercises have you found to be particularly effective in improving your performance as an eventer?

Having a good weekly routine with an experienced instructor and educational lessons is honestly just the best. I’ve tried to do things myself and having a great instructor is just the best. I find that counter canter, intense lateral work and loads of long and low have been the best thing for me and my horse. My instructor always comes up with weird and different exercises so I always feel so well prepared because if I can do those I can jump anything! 😂


7. What advice would you give to aspiring show jumping riders who are looking to excel in the sport?

Firstly, make sure you are getting the correct training and advice. Don’t just listen to anyone in this sport. Investigating ideas and researching is the best way to gain knowledge on how to be better as a rider because 99% of the time riders need to ride better and not just blame the horse. In order to succeed in anything, you’ve gotta be OBSESSED with the sport, I definitely am!


8. Who is the rider you admire the most and look up to?

Mandy (my instructor). She has done extremely well and has brought up so many successful riders and horses. I love her determination and dedication to this sport.


9. How do you approach course analysis, and what factors do you consider when strategizing your ride in a competition?

In XC I use an app to measure my minute markers and use it to map out the jumps. It is my absolute ESSENTIAL at an eventing show!
In show jumping I make sure I understand how each fence is supposed to be ridden and really take my time with the details of the course. I need to gain as much knowledge about the course before I even attempt!


10. How do you prepare differently for an eventing competition versus a show jumping competition?

Eventing I make sure I have absolutely everything I need doubled and watch the test online or if I’ve done it before watch an old video. I make sure that my horse is fit enough and that I know her TPR.
Show Jumping, make sure she is supple and relaxed before the show so she can use her body to the best of her ability.


11. What is your favorite Equine Culture product?

Definitely the Breeches and belt! The Breeches are so comfortable and have a good feel in the saddle. I’m obsessed with them! I ride multiple horses a day so in SA it gets so hot and having such quality light weight Breeches make things so easy. I get so excited to get dressed in the morning to choose which Equine Culture jods I’m going to wear AND I even wear them to my office job 😂 the belt is so stylish, I’ve received so many compliments about my belt, it just makes me feel happy and complete.

 A big thank you to Paige for taking the time to be part of this segment, if you would like to follow her click the link below- 



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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas laoreet, dui ut dapibus lobortis, orci magna facilisis diam.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas laoreet, dui ut dapibus lobortis, orci magna facilisis diam.

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